SmartCare Launches Its Child Care Software Solution

PROVO, Utah, Oct. 1, 2015— Thanks to a loyal and patient beta testing child care community, SmartCare has unveiled that on October 5th, child care software will now benefit from a complete cloud-based and mobile-based solution for parents, teachers, and directors. The company sent thank you gifts to all 100 beta centers where over 2,000 parents and staff helped direct the company to build the only real-time complete child care software platform available.

With sights set on making every U.S. child care center run more effortlessly, SmartCare’s co-founders and beta clients shared in the enthusiasm of reaching a product finish line that took over 10,000 hours and over $8 million to complete.

“We are finally ready to give every child care center director and owner an iPad with our child care management tools, and give every teacher a mobile device to help make the child care experience better for all – especially parents,” said Andrew Goldberger, CEO and Founder of SmartCare.

The company has produced mobile and web-based software and provides a custom sign-in kiosk, photo sharing mobile devices for teachers, and an iPad for child care owners and directors. Parents access the company’s parent app on iOS, Android, or can receive updates via email or SMS.

“This is an extraordinarily proud moment for all us at SmartCare,” said Goldberger.  “We believe in SmartCare’s ability to transform each child care center by addressing their most pressing need: an easy-to-use real-time program connecting parents, teachers, and directors.  What we’ve all been dreaming of is now a reality: a well-tested beautiful interface which our beta clients have told us in harmony: is the best thing for child care centers like theirs.”

SmartCare features a first of its kind Parent App which helps parents stay connected to their children throughout the day. As teachers add photos and timeline entries for children, parents are able to view those activities as they happen, comment back to the teacher, and even share those photos out to Facebook or Twitter. For those parents without smartphones, a web-based parent portal will be coming soon.

Heber Eastman, Chief Creative Officer and co-Founder of SmartCare added “For too long now, child care center directors have been stuck in the office spending too much time ‘managing’ their center. But now they are no longer tied to the desk. We’ve automated a lot of the tasks they previously had to manually perform, and we’ve created a mobile-first solution that allows them to take their management software with them wherever they go. With SmartCare, directors can get out from behind the desk and back to what got them into child care in the beginning–providing great care to children.”

SmartCare also features real-time alerts, which many directors love because they can customize their desired alerts and be notified right away when key events happen in the center. Real-time alerts to directors include first/last child signed-in/out (for the day), first/last staff clocked-in/out (for the day), parent late for pick up, unscheduled child signed-in, and many others.

Program Availability and Pricing

While most of the child care technology industry created products that are cost prohibitive, SmartCare eases the expense in a number of ways. Trevor Hewitt, the company’s Executive Vice President, explains “Our pricing model is very simple. We give all of the hardware away. We come out in person to help each child care center get the program underway with parents and teachers. We provide free support for the life of our agreement. And we charge a simple $5 flat fee per child in the center. We are flexible with the price for larger centers and with multi-center organizations.”

Call the company’s sales help line today 1-844-SMARTER to learn more or visit their website at

About SmartCare

SmartCare was founded in January 2014 to provide child care center owners and directors the tools they want and need to make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. In October 2014, SmartCare debuted at the Child Care Success Summit in Las Vegas where its Beta product was unveiled to the public. Beta testing began in February 2015 with 100 child care centers. These centers tested features, provided routine feedback, and helped shape SmartCare into the essential software platform it is today.

To schedule a demo or learn more about SmartCare, please contact us at or 1-844-SMARTER.