Three Ways Child Care Plays a Role in Going Back to School


Now that we have flipped the calendar to August, many families are focusing on the end of summer and heading back to school. While many families are thinking about school supplies, new clothes and haircuts, it’s important to remember child care and how it may still be a part of your life, even if your child is no longer enrolled full-time.

In a large portion of households, children go to school until the middle of the afternoon and many parents work until the evening hours, leaving them in a bind with what to do for care for their children. Many child care centers offer care for school-age children and can help with wraparound care before or after typical school hours. It’s important to ask about these spots early so you can ensure your child can get in before all the slots fill up.

Another factor when thinking about back to school is the increase in extra-curricular activities. Many sports seasons coincide with the academic calendar so planning additional care may be important for your family, especially if you have multiple children—some in after school activities and some that aren’t. There are a variety of options for child care, but consider your options early so you can find the best fit for your family.  If you’re considering child care inside your home, check out these tips from

Many parents also consider going back to school themselves during this time of year, whether it’s to take a course here or there or going back to finish a degree. Many professors at the college level do not allow students to bring children to class, so students will need to come up with a child care plan that works for them. Will students be attending class during the day or at night? Again, there are many child care options for parents looking to increase their education, but another great resource for parents going back to school full-time is child care assistance from the government. Click here to learn more.