Out-of-the-Box Marketing for your Child Care Center

Imagine you are starting your very own child care center. You are driven by your love for children and are determined that your hard work will pay off in more ways than one. Now, the payoff may come in endless hugs from the children that adore you and your staff or from the appreciative compliments that come from parents and guardians. Life would be approaching perfection if only these could cover all of the expenses of running a business! Unfortunately, since this is not the case, presenting your business to the public can be one of the very first steps toward building your success and becoming profitable.

One word: Marketing. This is the very foundation of making your product or service seem the most desirable, affordable, and worthy of your customers’ attention. When it comes to marketing the product or service, you need to think out-of-the-box. Get creative, inventive, and do not be afraid be bold! In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to advertisements and marketing schemes that are striving for our attention. The goal is to grab a potential customer’s attention and spark their interest. Now, this is all easier said than done because when it comes to marketing a business, there are a few key components that need to be in tip-top shape.

Today, with many people having a mini computer at their fingertips, looking for information has simply become a click away. When looking for child care, parents want somewhere that is trustworthy, clean, organized, and proves to be a fun environment for their loved one. An online presence has proven to be essential when it comes to marketing your business. Be sure to create and operate an effective website that shows the up-to-date features, prices, and information needed for someone visiting the site to contact your business. In addition to a website, develop a presence on social media (i.e. Facebook) for potential customers to visit and see photos, videos, and anything worth sharing. Truthfully, it is much easier for someone to check out your website and social media platforms from the comfort of their own home when searching for a child care center. For tips on what to include in your website, click here.

As said before, be creative and definitely be bold! You don’t want any potential customers overlooking your website or scrolling past your posts do you? Grab their attention with clever posts that may include a photo, video, statistic, or link to an interesting relating article. Draw them in and inspire them to look closer at your business. When it comes to being out-of-the-box, standing out is the key to putting yourself above any competitors.

A simple way to market your business comes with building lasting relationships with customers that will continue to come back time after time. You know what they do then? Tell a friend, who tells a friend, who then tells their friend, who they posts a positive review, which then is seen by someone, who then talks to a friend, and then that friend has heard great things about your business. Does this sound familiar? We all talk and share our wonderful finds with friends and family. Learn more about word-of-mouth referrals in our blog post here.