Interview Techniques to Find the Best Person for the Job

The interview process can be a daunting task that requires preparation and training from both the interviewee and interviewer side of the interaction. What comes of it though will be the reward! Let’s say you are looking to fill a position at your business and are setting out to find the best-fit candidate for the job. Now, how do you determine who is the best person to fill this role? It is difficult to simply review a resume and base your decision off of a piece of paper, which is where the interview portion comes into play.

There often times is a lot of pressure and angst associated with the interview process, which is why it is important to get to know the person and be able to get a sense of whether or not they are the best person for the job. In doing so, there are certain techniques and ways of approaching it so that you are asking questions that help you to uncover what you are looking for. First, one must develop a description of the role so that the interviewer is clear on what they are looking for, and the interviewee is aware of what is expected of them. The next step is then to develop a set of questions that help you gain a better understanding of the person who you just met and are getting to know more about. These can include but are certainly not limited to their adaptability, behavior, work ethic, dependability, timeliness, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Ask questions that allow them to dive deeper into their character and explain more about themselves, rather than those that prompt simple yes or no responses. Be consistent with each candidate you are interviewing so that you are able to compare on an even playing field. Finding the right fit for the job will not only be rewarding for your business, but will also be beneficial to the person that is going to excel in the environment.

There are certain points to keep in the back of your mind while conducting an interview. The first is if they will be able to do the job and accomplish the tasks that will be assigned to them. Second, will they be motivated to do their job and work hard? Third, will they fit in with the culture of the business and work environment? While keeping these in mind, the goal is to hire someone that will be able to apply their skill sets, develop their strengths, and work on their weaknesses. The search is not just looking for the best person for the job, but who will benefit from the job the most. What is often overlooked is seeing the potential that someone has and what he or she could bring to the position that you may not have anticipated beforehand. Each person brings certain uniqueness to the position and can help to create a positive atmosphere. Lastly, be honest because every interview is a learning experience for both parties. With finding the best person for the job, it is crucial to keep an open mind and look at it from a wider scope being careful to not overlook potential for growth. After all, business is business.