Beat the Heat This Summer


With record-setting temperatures scorching the US this week, we thought it would be great to put together a list of ways for your child care center to beat the heat. There are plenty of fun, low-cost options available on Pinterest. Make sure to follow us here and see below for a list of great ideas to help children in your center stay cool over the next few weeks.

 Cool Drinks

Want to have a lemonade stand at your child care center? Here’s a list of great recipes to try. You’ll be sure to find a flavor for everyone! Want to try something a little more entertaining than lemonade? Try making ocean water with gummy fish. Teachers in your center can incorporate this into a lesson plan as well!

Art Department

There are so many different art projects that children in child care can create this summer, even with the rising temperatures. Take the class outside in the morning before it’s too hot and have your class paint pots that will quickly dry in the summer sun. Once the pots are done drying, you can take the class inside for the afternoon and pot plants and flowers that will flourish through the rest of the summer. Again, this project can be incorporated into a lesson plan teaching children about plants, soil and more.

Summer Snacks

Nothing is better than cold watermelon on a hot day and what better way to eat watermelon than as a pizza. Children in your child care center can create any fruit “toppings” they want and then eat the pizza for a cooling afternoon snack. If ice cream is on the menu, come up with a creative way to switch up ice cream day. This fun ice cream taco recipe is sure to be a hit, even if it gets a little messy.