SmartCare Update: New Accounting Platform Released


Last week, SmartCare announced one of our biggest updates to date: we made a major shift from child-based accounting to family-based accounting (based on feedback from our current clients). After researching what child care centers prefer, we decided to shift our thinking to make accounting easier for all.

Some of the big changes in our center app include:

  • the ability to receive a summary of any billing that occurred within the last 24 hours.
  • on the accounts receivable and accounting screens, the current balance will now display instead of the balance due.
  • the family dashboard will display the balance for each account and not just the balance for each child.
  • each account will have a primary account owner and a secondary account owner can be added to each account (if necessary). 

In addition to the new accounting setup, we also wanted to make the set up of tuition plans easier to understand and use as well. Viewing and adding tuition plans has now been simplified. Centers can now access billing setup from an option at the bottom of the accounting screen. This new screen will show you all of the children and will allow you to select a plan and account owner. If you need to split the billing, you can select the settings icon and that will redirect you to the standard screen for setting up a billing plan for a child.

We are currently working to update and better our system for current and future clients. If you are currently using SmartCare and have suggestions for our development team, simply shake the iPad (or teacher device) and a screenshot will be taken. From there, you can send in feature requests or suggestions directly to our development team. We look forward to hearing all of your ideas and putting them into our future product roadmap.