10 Ideas for Summer Fun in Child Care


Now that summer is here and the high temperatures have come with it, many child care centers are looking for fun, new ways to engage children throughout the day, especially with an influx number of children in your care. Here are 10 ideas to keep kids entertained and staying cool over the next few months:

1. Sprinklers. Does your center have a sprinkler system? Have kids play in the grass while staying cool in the water. Don’t forget to have parents bring towels and sunscreen!

2. Have a picnic. Take the kids outside for lunch and have a picnic. This is a great way to incorporate learning in nature during lunch time.

3. Build sandcastles. The ocean may be too far away, but bringing in sand can make children feel like they are on vacation. Have a sandcastle building contest and watch their creativity grow.

4. Make a collage. Take the class on a walk and then make a collage from things found in nature.

5. Have an outdoor painting party. This idea is best in the mornings before temperatures get too hot—but take the class outside and have them paint what they see.

6. Dress up days. Every child loves to dress up so plan a themed day each week—pirate day, pajama day, crazy hair day, etc.

7. Make freezer paint. Freeze paint in ice cube trays and then children can use them without paintbrushes. This is a great idea to use with the outdoor painting party. Learn how to make freezer paint here.

8. Bubbles. There are many ways to entertain children with bubbles. Have children learn how to make bubbles, use a bubble machine or have the class make sock bubbles. This is another great outdoor activity!

9. Make sponge balls. Have the class make sponge balls and then take them outside for a water party.

10.  Water balloon piñatas. Many times water balloon fights can get too rough but a water balloon piñata is a great way to have fun without getting hurt. Hang water balloons outside and have the children try to knock them down. Children can get wet without the fear of being hit by a balloon. Just make sure to keep an eye on the one batting them down.

Does your child care center have any ideas that children love? We want to hear your ideas in the comments below!