5 Ways to Ensure Fundraising Success


When you think of the word "fundraising", money is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, it's also a great way to get publicity for your business or organization. Have you ever considered holding a fundraiser at your child care for a local charity? Not only would this help your community, but it would also provide a great opportunity to advertise your child care center. 

Hosting a fundraiser can be daunting. We've provided a few key steps to make your fundraiser a success.  

1. Set a clear goal. What amount of money are you hoping to raise at your event? Make sure that every part of your event is geared in some way toward reaching this goal. Keep in mind that your fundraising goal should be a net goal, that is, the amount you want to raise after expenses are deducted.

2. Create a budget that includes everything required to pull your event together: staffing costs, space rental, catering, transportation, utilities, entertainment, and anything else you'd need to make your event successful. Be one step ahead and plan for a few unseen expenses, too. A thoughtful budget will put you in control of your event, rather than having your event control you.

3. Delegate. Running a fundraiser is tough! Giving responsibilities to your team members will lighten the load on you. Once your event is successfully completed, your team will feel a great sense of accomplishment and unity, having achieved something great together. Consider involving parents and local leaders, as well - getting the community involved will spread the word about your fundraiser and your child care center.

4. Aggressive marketing is key for fundraising success. Come up with a marketing plan that includes how you'll get the word out, who your target audience is, and what kind of message you'd like to broadcast. Consider handing out flyers or creating an evite for parents. Encourage parents to invite friends and family. If you're feeling ambitious, see if the local news will feature your fundraiser on tv or on the web.

5. Send thank you notes. After your event, be sure to show how much you appreciated everyone who made your fundraiser a success, especially those who donated. Keep your donors happy, and they'll be more likely to donate again at your next fundraiser!