4 Tips to Improve Communication in Your Child Care Center


Good communication can set your child care center apart. Teachers should feel free to talk amongst themselves about the things that go on in the classrooms and parents should feel comfortable approaching anyone who works in the center. Below are four tips to improve the communication in your child care center:

1. Daily Sheets

Many centers offer a simple piece of paper that they hand out to parents as they pick up their child. Many times it includes a small note about what the child ate, how many times the staff changed a diaper and more. SmartCare is changing the way parents receive these updates by offering parents the ability to receive this information in real-time through a mobile app or on the web. Parents can easily log into their account and see updates from the center as well as photos of their child throughout the day. 

2. Making Staff Available

If teachers are always rushing around at the end of the day, parents will not feel like they have the opportunity to bring up any questions. During pick up or drop off times, the teachers should be focused on the children and parents, not set-up or clean-up. Schedule working hours to make this happen. It is also helpful if parents can have email addresses for the teachers. If you do this, make sure that each teacher has a certain portion of her workday that she can dedicate to replying to emails. This should not be something she has to do off-the-clock. SmartCare can also make this easier for teachers by allowing parents and teachers to communicate from within the apps, saving time for teachers and for parents.

3. Staff Meetings

Routine staff meetings can help child care center staff talk about issues they might be having in the classroom. It is a good opportunity to bring up things that might be affecting individual children, as well as other things that are working in the classroom, such as a new activity idea that is a big hit. When you do this on a routine basis, staff will always know that there is a time when they can bring up these issues.

4. Keeping Communication Notes

File notes away in a customer’s file. When the child moves classrooms, it is helpful if the new teacher can review notes to see if the child has had any challenges or if he responds well to certain techniques. As the years go on, you will have a very good sense of what each child needs and how to best help them learn.

Communication is essential for any business, but it is particularly important in child care centers. Find the communication tools that work best for your families and staff are essential to success. Introducing technology usually makes this process easier, even for families and staff that are hesitant to incorporate new technology into their routine.