Child Care Tuition Through Auto Pay


A huge complaint we hear from child care centers is that billing and tracking payments takes up too much time on a weekly/monthly basis. At SmartCare, we want to save child care center owners and directors time by automating the processes that take up their valuable time. One thing we have learned is that having parents switch to auto pay, not only saves them time, but saves administrative hours as well. SmartCare currently offers families two simple ways to set up auto pay: through a checking account (ACH) or with a credit/debit card.

One of the best reasons to switch families over to an auto pay system is no longer having to worry about who has paid and who has not. SmartCare can automatically track payments for you so you don’t have to go in and enter each check or cash deposit made in your child care center. While you can still accept these forms of payment, auto pay will automatically record these transactions, saving you time on a routine basis.

Another reason auto pay is the best option for collecting child care tuition is security of account information. SmartCare has to be pass rigorous security scrutiny to process credit cards. We use Microsoft Azure cloud servers and Amazon Web Services. These are the two most secure cloud servers on the planet. Plus, you won’t risk losing parent information with lost checks when they enroll in auto pay. 

Auto pay is also great for calculating cash flow and not having to worry about when parents will pay their next bill. Knowing that you will be receiving a certain amount of money each week or each month that is automatically withdrawn from a parent’s account helps you budget and plan better for your child care center.

Switching parents over to an auto pay system is easy for parents and easy for you as the center owner. To learn more about how SmartCare can automate your billing and payments processes, click here or email us today!