Create A Professional Child Care Website Without Spending Tons of Time, Energy, or Money


One of the most important ways to market your center is online and one of the first things potential clients will notice is your website. Taking the time to create a professional website for your child care center can pay off in many ways for years to come. There are options when it comes to designing a website but this post focuses on how to create one on your own without spending a lot of your valued resources.

One of the best ways to create a simple, professional website in a short amount of time is to use Wordpress and customize one of the templates on the site. As of February 2015, 23% of websites around the world were built on the Wordpress platform. Wordpress offers its users a simple plug-and-play platform which makes it simple to use and easy to add and remove over 29,000 features.

There are many other platforms for building a website other than Wordpress. These websites include Website Builder, WIX, or It is also important to remember to get a custom URL for your website so your child care center is easily searchable online, as well as easy to market. The largest website for buying domain names is  Domain name prices vary and through GoDaddy you can also buy email address accounts to match your web address so there is consistency in your online branding.

Another way to build a website that will help drive new families to your child care center is to hire someone to help you. Many Wordpress developers charge $50+ an hour and can be too expensive for many child care centers. A great way to get help with your website at a much less expensive price is to hire a college intern to work on your website. Many times, college students can provide the same product for a lower cost. Some may even complete the work in exchange for internship credit.

If hiring a college student makes you nervous, there are plenty of people willing to work on your website on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website where individuals around the world offer services for $5. This is a great way to get work done on your website or even have a new logo created.

Creating a website can seem like an overwhelming task but when you break it down and take it piece-by-piece, it is much more manageable to accomplish and there are many ways to achieve a professional website simply and affordably.