What to Expect During a SmartCare Onboarding Visit

For the past few weeks, SmartCare reps have been traveling the country bringing our first child care centers onboard since beta testing ended. It has been an exciting journey watching some of our beta centers, as well as new child care centers, start using SmartCare. We have been training administration and staff, introducting SmartCare to parents, and more on each visit. Many people are still wondering what exactly a SmartCare Onboarding Visit entails so we decided to break it down here:

First, we will travel to your child care center.  We understand the importance of face-to-face communication when bringing in new software so we want to come to you. We want to take away the fear of testing new technology and visit your center to help you, and your staff, feel comfortable with SmartCare software.

Once we arrive at your center, we will review our User Guide to make sure you have something to reference once we leave. Of course, we are always available by phone, but we know many child care centers like to troubleshoot on their own before making a call. Our User Guide is a quick reference tool to show center owners and directors just where to go to find information quickly and efficiently.

After reviewing the User Guide, we will conduct training with your admin staff and teachers to review the new software and answer any questions they may have. We are happy to answer questions about billing schedules, daily reports or even questions about what happens when the internet goes down. No matter what the question is, we have the right answer.

After all of the training is complete, we will install your hardware so your child care center is ready to hit the ground running the following day. We want to make sure your center feels 100% comfortable when our team leaves. We will even leave behind marketing materials for your families.

If you are interested in learning more about SmartCare or scheduling a demo today, email us at hello@smart.care.