Looking Forward to the Child Care Success Summit


This week the SmartCare team will be heading back to the annual Child Care Success Summit hosted by Kris Murray. This year, the Summit will take place in Orlando, Florida. Our team is full of excitement as we head out to the sunshine state for 72 hours of meeting with child care center owners, directors, educators and more. SmartCare has come a long way since the Child Care Success Summit last year. Less than 365 days ago we first unveiled our product to the public and started our journey of beta testing. Beta testing began in February 2015 with roughly 100 child care centers across the nation. These centers tested features, provided routine feedback and helped shape SmartCare into the software it is today.

Features that are currently available in SmartCare include billing and payment processing, real-time child and family tracking, journaling, customized alerts, sign-in and sign-out, employee management, payroll, reporting, accounting with QuickbooksTM, and free support for child care center staff and parents. SmartCare provides child care centers with the most up-to-date hardware and software at no cost to the center. 

With the official launch of SmartCare behind us, we are now starting to onboard clients and get child care centers across the country up and running with our software solution. If you are interested in a demo or would like to start using SmartCare at your child care center, email us at hello@smart.care.