Viewing Child Care from the Outside Looking In


When you think of child care what is the first word or thought that pops into your mind? Before I started working in a child care center, I had one million questions and thoughts flood my mind as many of you have when you are searching for the perfect child care provider. I didn’t really have a full understanding of what the world of child care looked like on the inside and or what it entailed until I started working in a child care center myself.

Having the wonderful opportunity to work in a child care center and experience how amazing working with children, parents and staff really is has opened my eyes to the importance of child care and how misconceived the world of child care really is. Child care is a very rewarding job whether it is by seeing the smiles of the children each day, hearing their laughs and small talk, or being part of something bigger like teaching the first steps in life. I also love watching children become successful through recognizing their emotions and learn how to properly express themselves.

In a quality child care center, children are given the opportunity to learn and grow in the most important stages of their development. Caregivers are able to focus on each individual child’s aspect of developmental growth.  Child care offers educational activities, extra-curricular activities, pre-school programs, socialization, physical and cognitive development as well as helps children build their fine and gross motor skills.

SmartCare has given families the ability to view the inside world of child care on a daily basis. Teachers are able to update parents with a real-time journal of their child’s day as well as document meals, pictures, behavior, track progress and keep parents updated of how their child’s day is going. The beauty in SmartCare is simply being able to make parents feel comfortable and confident in the care their child receives each day. SmartCare involves parents and family members when they are physically unable to be with their child.

--Guest post by Tiana Sua'ava, child care center director, Utah