How to Choose a Child Care Center For Your Family


Choosing a child care center for your family can be intimidating.  Here are some suggestions to help alleviate some apprehension.

Look up the child care center online.  Read reviews that have been posted. Go to their website and read about their philosophies, curriculum and staff. Make sure their online presence speaks positively.

Be sure to go in and tour the building. You need to observe the environment and ask a lot of questions. Below are seven things to pay attention to while touring the building:

  1. What is your first impression when you walk in? Are the doors secured? Is the lobby clean and inviting? Are you greeted with a smile?
  2. Notice if the child care center and classrooms are clean and organized. An organized classroom makes free play for children much more inviting and makes for a calmer environment.
  3. Walk the building. Is it safe? Is the center following safe practices? Are there windows into the rooms so the class can be observed at all times?
  4. Are the teachers interacting with the children on their level? Are they using age appropriate language?
  5. What is the longevity of the staff? How long has the teacher for your child’s age group been employed at the center?
  6. Is the class schedule posted and followed? Consistency is best when getting a child used to their new environment.
  7. Do they have an open door policy? Are you allowed to come in and observe anytime? If not, when are parents allowed to stop by?

Lastly, trust your gut.  If you feel like the center is a safe environment and your general feeling of the place is relatively peaceful, then you have a good choice. If you still feel apprehensive, keep looking, you will surely find a child care center that meets your needs.