Reactions to SmartCare at the ELEA Early Childhood Director Boot Camp (Continued)

SmartCare recently presented at the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) Early Childhood Director boot camp in Chicago, Illinois. This is the third event that SmartCare has worked with ELEA, including the debut at the ALDE Conference in March. Our team spoke with some of the child care center directors at the event and below was a reaction to SmartCare from Kim K., Coordinator of Schools at Trinity Lutheran Schools and Director at HCPC: “Boot Camp 2015 was an incredibly inspiring, educational and eye-opening experience.  From the opening of Mentor Training to the final meeting on Saturday, I felt energized to be a part of an amazing team of peers all working towards the same goal…meeting the educational needs of children’s programming through the eyes of God.

Every hour of this experience provided me a peek into the next session, prepared me for meeting and working with my mentees and inspired me to bring new ideas back to my own staff as well as my church.

I especially liked the information that was provided in workshop 6, “There Is No They,” presented by Bill Hurst.  I am encouraged that there can be a successful school-church relationship as the church I work in begins the process of hiring a new pastor.  His approach was honest, funny and informative. His encouragement for us, as Directors, was to look into ourselves to see if we were open to the process of “us”, was eye-opening and heartfelt.  I was inspired to talk to my church staff with this information when I returned.

I also enjoyed the virtual tours of each of the three centers spotlighted in this years’ boot camp.  It’s fun to see how other centers do what we do, how they approach learning/teaching and emphasize God in the process.

Third, SmartCare provided a great presentation on new ideas in tuition collection, school organization and overall financial implementation for schools and child care centers.  The conversation was open-ended, providing us time to ask many questions regarding specific situations in each of our schools.  The representatives were well versed in SmartCare as a system/product and created an atmosphere of exciting new possibilities for each of us as Directors. I am especially thankful for the gift of an iPad from them.  Not only did it allow our session with them to be more hands-on, but added another avenue for education in my job.  As the Coordinator for three schools within one large church body, I was excited to bring back information for this system and will be contacting them soon for more information.

Finally, I truly enjoyed getting to know my mentees, learning about their visions and figuring out how I could be of assistance.  The process for determining mentees was fun and I felt I was matched perfectly with mine.  I have had fun thus far planning and strategizing with them on their goals and am confident they are feeling successful.  I think the process also provided inspiration to the mentors as well.  I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”

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Guest blogger: Kim K., Schools at Trinity Lutheran Schools and HCPC