Reactions at the ELEA Director Boot Camp

SmartCare recently presented at the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) Early Childhood Director boot camp in Chicago, Illinois. This is the third event that SmartCare has worked with ELEA, including the debut at the ALDE Conference in March. Our team spoke with some of the child care center directors at the event and below was a reaction to SmartCare from Jackie O, Preschool Director at Family of Christ Christian Preschool in Vancouver, Washington: “The Boot Camp experience provided me with numerous learning and growing opportunities. Meeting so many new people from around the country facing the same daily challenges and triumphs that I do is very reaffirming. I attended the first Boot Camp the ELEA offered as a Camper and was delighted to have the opportunity to come back this year as a Mentor. Being able to share my growth from the “camper” perspective with my “campers” this year was very rewarding. Then to be able to walk with my “campers” as they begin to journey into new areas of growth in their profession has been very inspiring to me in my own growth. Other benefits I have received from the Boot Camp experience was from the trainings provided. All of the topics covered by the different presenters were all relevant to what we do. Staffing, Community Building, Human Resources, Fundraising etc. all very useful information to have and share with others.

The presentation that SmartCare put on about SmartCare’s child care management software platform and all that it offers was very intriguing. I loved how they brought the entire daily process of the Preschool/Child Care Center into play. From tuition collecting, parent sign-in/out, staffing, to report writing all together in “real-time.” I will be anxious to hear when SmartCare is up and running for all centers!”

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Guest blogger: Jackie O, Family of Christ Christian Preschool