ELEA Early Childhood Boot Camp (cont.)

SmartCare recently presented at the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) Early Childhood Director boot camp in April of this year. This is the third event that SmartCare has worked with ELEA, including the debut at the ALDE Conference in March. Speaking with school director Laurie W of All God's Children in Delafield, Wisconsin, she was thrilled to see how SmartCare can help her child care center: “The Boot Camp for Directors was so beneficial and helpful for many reasons. For me personally, I was intrigued by the benefits of SmartCare and how it could help me at my center. After reviewing some of the information online, I really wanted to go to hear more about how the software could be used and what other directors were doing. The presentation on Thursday evening was so helpful to see what it can do and then also hear what others are using and how it would be implemented. Listening to the presentation, I was able to envision how it could be used at our center. The program appears to be straightforward and seems to cover every detail. The cost of the program is also appealing and appears to be something that we could absorb with our registration fee. The thought of having all of the documentation and child’s information on an iPad makes it really appealing during an emergency. The SmartCare team has worked really hard to get every little detail covered! I have sent a request to Kayla and she is working on getting me a demo for my center.

I am also part of a group, West Suburban Half Day Directors that get together monthly for lunch. This group has been such a big help and support to me as we are always sharing important information from our role as directors. The month of April, we purposely met after my Boot Camp so that I could share with everyone this new software and information that I learned at boot camp. So last week, I brought my new iPad (so exciting and thank you SmartCare!) and was able to show all of the other directors the demo from SmartCare! Only one of these directors is using software to manage their tuition payments, so everyone was very, very interested.

This boot camp has inspired me to reach out and pursue new ideas for our preschool center, All God’s Children. Thanks to all of you for making it a weekend where I was able to learn valuable information for my center as well as connect with other directors from the ELEA. This is great as we are now connected via Facebook and will recognize names on the ELEA Yahoo group.”

For more information about SmartCare and to request a demo of our software, please email us at hello@smart.care.

Guest blogger: Laurie W. of All God's Children