Finding Child Care in Your State


As a parent, choosing a child care setting for your family can be overwhelming, especially on top of the anxiety of going back to work. But choosing the right type of child care for your family’s needs can be tough—where do you start? Is your family looking for full time child care, part-time care a few days a week or maybe your family would prefer having someone come into the home and care for your child. There are many things to consider before making a decision. One type of care that many families choose is to attend a child care center, commonly referred to as “day care”. A child care center is a setting that cares for children outside the home and can have anywhere from 12 to 300+ children. There are also different requirements for caregivers and many types of accreditation. Learn How to Choose a Child Care Center For Your Family.

Every state has different requirements for child care centers, which means the cost of child care varies in every state as well. Another variable that changes from state to state are licensing and ratio requirements. The federal government has left it up to each state to determine what requirements are necessary for licensing. There is no federal law for all child care centers.

In the 2013 State of the Union address, President Obama called upon Congress to expand access to high-quality preschool for every child in America, proposing investments that support a continuum of early learning opportunity, beginning at birth and continuing to age five1. Each state has interpreted this differently and is currently working to improve the quality of child care nationwide. To see current requirements broken down by each state, click here.

No matter what option your family chooses, staying in communication is important throughout the day. At SmartCare, we believe that receiving updates and photos in real-time is critical for a parent’s peace of mind. Using our Parent mobile app, you can receive photos, updates and videos ensuring you never miss a memory while away from your child.