Pros and Cons of a Child Care Software Company Exploring Bitcoin

While the world of speculators have tracked Bitcoin’s remarkable roller coaster of value, an entire sub-economy has been created around those consumers and businesses who are focused on liberating their wallets with the crypto-currency taking the world by (infamous) storm. The question we have today is “Should SmartCare become the first child care center payment provider to process BitCoin from parents?”  Child care software companies have been slow to adopt new technology, but that is no through no fault of their own.

“Child Care centers have never been offered the newest and latest technology - but that is not to say that they don’t crave it.  During SmartCare’s beta rollout phase, we have experienced some very technical and payment-aware child care owners who we think might want to offer an alternative to parents who have a more nerdy, yet bohemian, view of fund transfers,” said Trevor Hewitt, co-founder of SmartCare.  They aren’t quite as stable as the rising U.S. Dollar, but in a universe of child care where changing regulations and personnel are anything but stable – is it time to plant the child care flag on planet Bitcoin?

A child care center in Germany became the first overseas location to offer Bitcoin:

Recently a German cafe became a Bitcoin-only establishment; there is nothing to stop child care locations from at least adding the option.  Read more about the cafe here:

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