Your Early Education Technology Platform
Two Pricing Options Available:


In order to make your SmartCare software a perfect fit for your center, we also offer a variety of add-ons!

These can give you that extra layer of security and functionality that you’re looking for in a complete childcare management solution.

Integrated Door Lock System

You get to choose your desired hardware package at an associated one-time fee, which includes professional installation. Once the door lock is installed, you will also get your choice of a yearly Door Lock Service subscription.

·      Package 1 – $749 includes 1 Interior Door Reader and the 2-door CloudNode

·      Package 2 – $799 includes 1 Exterior Door Reader and the 2-door CloudNode

·      Package 3 – $899 includes 1 Interior Door Reader and 1 Exterior Door Reader and one 2-door CloudNode

Yearly Service Rates

  • 1 Door – $99 per year
  • 2-3 Doors – $129 per year
  • 4-5 Doors – $329 per year
  • 6-20 Doors – $649 per year

Kiosk Tablets & iPad

To use the Check In/ Check Out functions on your SmartCare App, you will need to set up your center with a tablet. If you provide your own equipment, we will happily assist in setting that up with your app at no additional charge. However, if you need tablet hardware for your center, we offer that as an add-on!

  • Galaxy Tablet – $299/ea.


Teachers can use Kindle tablets in order to access the Teacher login via web portal and to post real-time updates for parents.

  • Kindle Tablet – $49/ea.


Your center will also need access to an iPad so that Directors can access Scheduling, Real-Time Ratios, Payroll, and all of our other features for directors.

On-Site Implementation & Training

All centers who purchase SmartCare’s software will receive complimentary remote implementation & training! If you feel that your center requires an in-person experience to orient your team to the software, we are happy to provide that as an add-on to your purchase.

  • On-Site – $699/ea. center

  • Remote – included!