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Why Smartcare?

  • Mobile + web accessible
  • Data entry done for you
  • Free custom real-time reports
  • Billing
  • Sign-in and sign-out
  • Phone/email alerts
  • Beautiful interface
  • On-site training available
  • Parent communication

Robust Features include:

  • Instant account set-up and approval
  • No merchant account needed
  • Fixed credit card processing fee
  • Email receipts
  • Electronic record keeping
  • Mobile app sign-in/sign-out (children)
  • Staff alerts when a staff member does not arrive on time
  • Real-time updates (from parent to you, from teacher to you)
  • Real-time updates sent to parents via the Parent App
  • Ability to send photos and field trip reminders
  • Reporting on every data point (sign-in, payment, enrollment, child, parent, pickup person, etc.)
  • Real-time, instant, up-to-the-second alerts
  • Mission critical messages sent directly to your phone for instant response
  • Unrivaled usability and functionality
  • Integration with ChildCareCRM
  • Basic accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Subsidy management