Release Notes for July 19

Center Web 1.12.4
New Features:

  • Added information advising users which file formats are available on the Forms screen of the Online Registration Configuration.
  • Added information advising users of the maximum file size for uploaded forms on the Forms screen of the Online Registration Configuration.
  • Added attachments as links on the parent enrollment screen.
  • Added an option to copy/paste the link for enrollment in the enrollment settings section.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a display issue when last day is selected for twice a month billing.
  • Fixed the phone number format in the enrollment section.
  • When twice a month billing option is turned on or off, it will now display correctly.
  • Fixed typos and user interface issues on the online enrollment screens.
  • Fixed the spelling of QuickBooks.
  • Future birthdates are no longer allowed in online enrollment.

Teacher Web 1.12.4
New Feature:

  • Users can now edit the time when creating a new timeline entry.

Bug Fixes:

  • Selecting the email icon will allow users to send an email to a parent.
  • Fixed an issue related to missing teachers in the list when adding them to a class that is the teacher’s default class.

Bug Fixes:

  • Payments by payer report now exports to pdf correctly.
  • Time card report now shows time in decimal format.
  • Contact’s email address in the Child Roster w/Contact Info report now displays correctly in Excel format.
  • Archived people no longer display in the Account: Email & Phone Number Summary report.
  • Downloading errors in several reports were fixed.
  • Duplicate entries have been removed from Child: Roster by Classroom- DOB report.
  • Enrolled Children by Classroom report now displays data correctly.
  • Child: Roster by Classroom – DOB report now displays birthdays correctly.
  • Data now displays correctly in the Standard Customer Statement by payer.
  • The Create Separate Page for Group feature now works.
  • Payroll dates have been added to the Payroll Summary report.