Managing Stress in the Child Care Workplace

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”

Luckily stress can be something that is only temporary, rather than a constant in your life. This all depends though on your ability to manage your stress level. This can be especially challenging in the environment of a child care center for obvious reasons. Attitude. That is the game changer in this instance where your ability to transform a stressful situation into something positive or manageable is the key to success. Stress is something that is unique to every individual in the ways that they feel stress and handle it within themselves. The greatest weapon or defense against stress is indeed the way in which we are able to handle it. Here are a few helpful tips in how to take control over your stress level and be able to turn a situation into something positive.

Develop healthy responses. It’s important to remain calm and keep your composure, especially in a setting where there are children around. They are at ages where they are extremely impressionable. Be sure to develop responses that work best for you in handling your stress level. At your most stressful moments, avoid using profanity or showing anger at all costs because you never know who is watching your actions. Stress can manifest itself in many forms, which is why it is so crucial to developing and practicing these healthy responses that help you turn the situation around.

Take time for yourself. This can be much easier said than done, but you can do it! Even in the field of child care, you can set aside time to decompress and recharge. As stated, you know yourself the best and know when you are reaching your limits. The workplace of a child care center can get stressful, but it is important to step aside sometimes to regroup. Take time to take a deep breath, be silent, and know that the stressful situation will pass.

Talk with your supervisor or staff. You are not alone in this! Through developing a strong relationship with your staff or supervisor, you can create a space where you can feel comfortable discussing your stress. It is always a good idea to keep others in the loop so that they are aware of your stress, and they can be a great support system right in your very workspace. You are much more likely to control your stress if you talk about it, let it out, and really listen to what the other person has to say.

You are the key to your own success! Do not let stress be the door that keeps you from achieving your goals. Learning to manage stress comes with time, but you can develop the skills that will truly give you the ability to choose one thought over another.