Management Software Release Notes for May 29

Center iOS 1.5.2
New Child Care Software Features:

  • Added a people screen in the child section.
  • Added a delete button for employee class assignments. 

Bug Fixes:

  • The reset PIN button is only enabled after the PIN has been changed.
  • Employee breaks are accounted for in total hours worked in scheduling. 

Center Web 1.11.11
New Child Care Software Feature:

  • Children enrolled in the future can now have a class assigned.

Bug Fixes:

  • Times can once again be added to nap timeline entries.
  • The new faces this month filter works correctly.
  • When creating a new tuition plan, deleted accounting codes will no longer display.
  • Attendance based billing plans can now be split. Only percentages are allowed in the split.
  • Scrolling in the tuition plan list now displays correctly.
  • Immunization dates are now saved correctly.
  • Secondary account owners that have been archived are now removed from the accounting section.

Teacher Web 1.11.11
Bug Fixes:

  • Times can once again be added to nap timeline entries.
  • Added a message when there are no notifications in the notifications section.
  • Fixed display issues on mobile devices.

Kiosk 1.4.0
New Child Care Software Features:

  • Improved the QR code scanner.
  • The app will now automatically update when a new version is available.

Parent iOS 1.3.2
Bug Fix:

  • An error message is displayed when the Apple Watch is disconnected from the phone.

Additional New Software Features:

  • Parents can unsubscribe from certain types of emails.
  • Automated emails can be turned on/off for the center by Support or your CSM.