Summertime Fun: Ideas for the Family

With summer just around the corner, it’s never too early start thinking about a game plan for your family. Who doesn’t love summer? Warm weather, fun vacations with the family, but, as a parent, you still have to go to work. Some parents do not look forward to the season based on the fact that their kids will not be in school. Have no fear because we are here to help with a list of activities to keep your children entertained throughout the season.

No one wants their children to be bored at home when it’s a nice summer day. Here is a list of some activities that will make this summer the best one yet:

1.     Hiking

            Enjoy the great outdoors--an activity that the whole family can join in on. Hiking is a perfect way to exercise and explore new places.

2.     Picnics

            Why eat inside when you can pack a picnic? It’s a fun way to enjoy your meal outside with a nice blanket, cooler, and umbrella for some shade. There’s also a lot of learning opportunities eating in nature.

3.     Hit the Pool

            Soak up the sun at pool. While always keeping an eye on the kids, enjoy staying cool in the water.

4.     Crafting

            Think of a new project that could be fun for the family to work on. Crafting can be an incredibly rewarding activity for everyone to enjoy. Big or small, whatever the craft, it will be fun to get the creative juices flowing as a family!

5.     Outdoor movies

            Set up a sheet, borrow a projector, and you’ve created your own theater! Play a movie outside with some lawn chairs and snacks. You don’t even have to leave your house.

6.     Game night

            Have a favorite game? Make it a tournament! Take the game outside and play with the whole family.

7.     Camping in the backyard

            Get the camping experience in the comfort of your very own backyard. Pitch a tent, get the s'mores ready and you’re set!

8.     Build your own mini golf

            Hole in one! Set up cups, pieces of wood, and other materials around the backyard and create your own customizable mini golf course.

9.     BBQs with friends and family

            Get a group together and enjoy the nice weather together. A BBQ is a fantastic way to entertain your guests, invite friends over, and get to spend quality time with the ones you love.

10.  Choose a new place to go

            We all have a place we are dying to visit. Now may be the time! With the kids on summer vacation and out of town, it would be a perfect time to take time off work to explore a new place together.