How Safe Is Your Child Care Center?

When it comes to our children and loved ones, their safety is our number one concern and priority. Dropping your child off at a child care center can be one of the hardest things for parents to do. It can be difficult to put their full trust in the hands of those that will be looking after their children, which is why it is important they feel comfortable in their decision when choosing a child care center. Centers all have to undergo inspection to ensure that they meet the criteria for providing safe and professional care for children.

Listed below are a few key aspects to observe when determining how safe your child care center is:

1.     Proper Supervision

It is crucial that a child care center has adequate supervision of all of the children at all times. No child should be left alone at any point throughout the day. This is not only for the safety of the child, but also helps the center to know where children are and what they are doing. Those that are supervising and in charge must be trained professionals that have a background in first aid and CPR procedures in case an emergency situation arises. The management at the child care center should provide frequent trainings so that everyone in the facility is up to date on proper procedures and courses of action.

2.     Cleanliness

Tackling killing all of those germs that are brought into child care centers is the ultimate battle! It is important that centers are on top of their sanitization throughout their entire facility. It is difficult when children are touching anything and everything, including their faces and mouths. Illness can be avoided by constantly cleaning anything that could be unsanitary. Also, when a child is sick they should stay home in order to get better and not spread their illness to the other children and staff at their center. Washing your hands constantly and keeping everything clean will help to ensure a sanitized environment for the children to play and avoid going home sick. Learn more about cleaning and sanitizing your center here.

3.     Food and Medical Safety

Monitoring children’s array of food allergies and the distribution of medicine is extremely important. Whatever the allergy may be, the staff must be aware and keep track of what child is eating and being exposed to. Parents play a role in this as well, in notifying the center of any allergies or dietary restrictions that their child may have. The proper distribution of any medication needs to be supervised at all times, no exceptions. The center should not be distributing anything without formal authorization and consent given by the parent or guardian. This may not apply to every single child, but it is a task and procedure that cannot be disregarded.