Making the Transition to a New Child Care Center


There are a number of reasons that may require a family to find a new child care center, but no matter what the reason, making the transition easy on you and your children is extremely important. Below are a few tips to make the move easier for everyone involved:

  1.  The most important step when moving to a new daycare is to prepare—prepare yourself, your child and your child care center (old and new). Be sure to let your current center know when you will be leaving so they can adjust schedules accordingly. Also, will there be any overlap between the two centers so your child can slowly adjust? Figure out the logistics and communicate them to all parties involved in the transition. Another good way to prepare your child is to show them the new center ahead of time. Let them see the new space so they will start warming up to the idea of a new child care center.
  2. Plan. On the first day, make sure you have plenty of time. This way, if you want to stay longer to say goodbye or something comes up, you won’t be rushed. This also gives you time to walk your child into the class and help them feel comfortable before you leave. Establish a goodbye routine. Don’t keep walking back in to check on your child. This will only make goodbyes harder. Once you have left the center, treat yourself to a coffee or breakfast. The day won’t be easy on you or your child so it’s important to take a few minutes for yourself before heading into work.
  3. Communicate. One piece of the puzzle that often is forgotten is communicating with your employer about the transition. Letting them know this may be a stressful time for you and your family may help them understand your situation as it arrives and will allow them to offer you the support you need during the transition.