Pinterest Tips from Power Users


Pinterest is a great social media tool for educators in the early childhood field. We shared how to fill your classrooms using Pinterest in the past, but today we have compiled a list of tips from Pinterest power users to help you get the most out of this visual social network. First, when designing your website, think about how your business looks visually. Can you start marketing your child care center on Pinterest? The Pin It button is the best way for your business to get discovered on Pinterest. When you add the Pin It button to your site’s pages, you let potential customers save things they like onto Pinterest, which means even more people can find it (meaning a larger audience for your business). Learn more about the benefits of the Pin It button here.

Blogger Amy Lynn Andrews, shares this advice about Pinterest: “When you’re pinning from a website, make sure you are pinning from the individual post on a site, not the site’s homepage. To get to the individual post, click on the post title. If you can see comments at the bottom, it’s a sign you’re on the individual post. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking through a pin, only to realize the post with that image has long been pushed off the home page.”

Buzzfeed writer, Nicole Nguyen, shows us how to see what other pinners are saving from your favorite blogs and websites by putting this URL into your browser:[yourfavesite].com. If you have your own blog or business site, this is a great way to see what people are pinning and attracted to!

Another Pinterest must-do is to have unique and intriguing concept boards. This is a great way to stand out and capture your audience in a new way. A great example of this can be seen here.

And lastly, Lizzie Roscoe, The McDonalds Maven, has great advice you can apply to any business: “Before you pin on behalf of a company or brand, always ask yourself: Is this content unique, original, fun or helpful in anyway? Don’t pin everything & anything under the sun, but really give thought to the images or videos you are pinning. What story does it tell? What does the image or video communicate about your company?”