Quickbooks Tips and Tricks for Child Care Centers


Quickbooks is a software program that allows companies to manage the financial side of their business. In one single program, you will be able to keep track of customers, send invoices, and manage your expenses with various vendors. Having everything in one place makes things a lot easier throughout the year, and especially at tax time. Here are some Quickbooks tips and tricks for child care centers:

Setting Customer Types

Most child care centers have children who come at different times throughout the day. Currently, you might have several full-day kids, kids who only come before and after school, or kids who only come on certain days of the week. To make it easy to bill these different types of customers, set them up in Quickbooks as different customer types. 

Password Protection

Your customer’s data is important, and you don’t want just anyone to have access to it. You can establish passwords in the “Set Up User” section. You will want to have at least one administrator, but you can also create separate accounts for different employees in your organization. If appropriate, you could give a user access to only certain types of screens. You might want your office workers to be able to access the client data to print invoices or add new families, but restrict access to screens that relate to ordering new products.

Personalizing Forms

Quickbooks makes it easy to print out forms but the standard versions can look a bit simple. You can personalize your forms by clicking “Customize” in the “Templates” section. This allows you to add logos or change colors to match your child care center’s brand.

Working with a Partner

Did you know SmartCare is the only official Intuit-approved Quickbooks partner for child care centers? SmartCare allows you to access your account and update or make any necessary changes from anywhere. As the official Quickbooks partner, we make it easy to automatically back-up data, track expenses, create and send custom invoices, and monitor income.

Using Quickbooks effectively for your business often involves having a solid understanding of how the program works. Learn more about how SmartCare and Quickbooks integrate here.