Standing Out From the Competition


There are thousands of child care centers across the country and standing out to parents as the best in your area can be tough. The field is highly competitive and it can take a lot to prove to parents why they should trust you with their child.

Here are two simple ways to differentiate yourself from other child care centers and maximize your enrollment:

Parent/Teacher Communication

Many child care providers only communicate with parents once per day—at pickup. This is done a variety of ways including conversations, daily sheets, or also just acknowledging that a known pickup person is picking up the child. With technology changing and most parents now having a smartphone, there is a new and better way for parents to communicate with teachers throughout the day. A lot of child care providers currently text with parents, but what if you could send parents photos and updates throughout the day in real-time? SmartCare offers teachers the ability to do this and parents can comment back with no delay, providing instant communication within a mobile app.

This also means that daily reports can be sent to parents electronically, eliminating paper. A current problem with daily reports is the amount of time it takes to complete them for each child. SmartCare offers teachers the option to create timeline entries for many children at once, freeing up more time for them to spend with the children in their care.

 Offering a Mobile Payment Option

This year, the total value of mobile payment transactions should more than triple to $27.1 billion, and could reach $210.5 billion in 2019, EMarketer estimated. Plus, U.S. mobile payments will grow from $52 billion in 2014 to $142 billion by 2019, according to a 2014 Forrester report. It is clear that families want options when it comes to paying child care tuition, and cash and checks are no longer the only solution. Offering parents the ability to set up mobile payments and even adding an option for auto pay are clear differentiators in the child care field. Learn more about why mobile payments make sense for your child care center.