4 Tips to Reach Your Child Care Center Goals in 2016

Forty-five percent of Americans typically make a new year’s resolution, but how many people make a new year’s resolution for their business? We want to challenge child care owners to come up with a goal for 2016 and work on ways to achieve that goal. Are you hoping to increase enrollment? Maybe you want to increase the number of tours given. Whatever your resolution is, SmartCare wants to help you reach your goal.


The first step is determining your goal. According to Kris Murray, Child Care Marketing Expert, goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). Is this your first time setting a goal or new year’s resolution for your center? If so, use this acronym to make sure your goal is something you can reach within the year. If this is not your first time setting goals for your center, what did you do with goals set previously? Were they unattainable? Were they hard to measure? Clearly set your goals and write them down so you can reference them throughout the year. 

Once you have determined your goal(s), think of ways to measure success.  If your goal is to increase parent satisfaction at your child care center, perhaps polling parents on a routine basis will help you measure success. If your goal is to increase the number of tours given, how will you measure that? Trying new ways to market your center may increase the number of new leads. Read our blog post on marketing tips for the new year here

Create a to-do list. Making a list of actionable items is a crucial step in paving the way to achieving your goal(s). If your center is hoping to increase parent volunteers/parent interaction, maybe it would help to create a list of dates you’d like parents to participate and give them time to plan and participate. Perhaps a calendar for the year will help. Whatever your goal is, list the steps necessary to take in order to reach them. Try to come up with the steps to take each month to keep you on track.

Share your goals at a team meeting. One of the best ways to meet your goal(s) is to share them with others who will hold you accountable. Share your goals with teachers in your child care center who can work with you to help the center succeed. Teachers have outstanding relationships with parents and are a key resource in helping the team meet goal(s). Touch base with staff on a routine basis and remind them where the center stands on the way to reaching those goals. This will keep the entire team focused and empower employees who may not always feel like part of the bigger picture.