Child Care Marketing Tips for the New Year


With 2016 just days away, it is important to think about new ways to market your child care center in the new year. You probably already made sure that you have a professional child care website, set up your social media pages, and thought about surveying parents, but what can you do differently in 2016 to ensure that new families keep walking through your doors?

The first thing to look at is your child care center’s marketing materials. What can you offer a new family that walks through the door? How are you getting new families to walk through the door? Is it all word of mouth? Maybe this year is the year to try something new. Find what works in your area. Is it advertising in a local paper or getting airtime as an expert on the local news? Whatever it may be, step outside your comfort zone and look for new ways to reach a new audience.

Another crucial step is making sure the printed materials you hand out to potential clients are full of information they want to read. Do you clearly show new families why your center is different than others? Don’t leave potential clients questioning your center. Make sure they know why they should choose your child care center over the one down the street. Kris Murray has tips for creating a great child care center brochure here.

Are you incentivizing current families for referring new families your way? One of the best ways to encourage your current clients to refer families to you is to offer them a perk for helping your business. For every referral, you can offer current families a discounted rate on tuition or maybe a free month of child care after 5 families sign up. Finding an incentive that motivates your current clients is important so that they will actually help send more business your way.

What other marketing tips are you hoping to try this year? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.