Why Going Mobile Makes Sense For Your Child Care Center

Many child care centers offer parents different payment options to choose from. According to a SmartCare survey of parents from April 2015, 33% of parents currently pay tuition with cash or check, 30% pay with a credit card, 24% pay with a debit card, and 12% pay with an automatic debit from their checking account.

This year on Black Friday, 26% of purchases were made on mobile devices and online sales were over $1.7B. It is clear families across the country are looking for more and more ways to make payments easy and convenient. Making child care payments available online or through mobile apps is essential for parents in today’s market. 

According to IBM, just under 28% of all sales are being made on mobile devices. And mobile users also account for just under half (48%) of all e-commerce traffic. It is clear that mobile payments are quickly becoming the norm for parents. Does your child care center currently offer mobile payments? 

SmartCare offers child care centers the ability to offer online and in-app payments to parents for no additional cost.  Parents can easily add or remove checking account information or credit/debit cards in the SmartCare app (for iOS and Android devices). This makes it simple for parents to schedule payments or even split payments, ensuring that your child care center no longer has to wait for late checks to arrive.

As of October 2014, 67% of Americans use their phone to share pictures, videos, or commentary about events happening in their community, with 35% doing so frequently. Learn more about why going mobile makes sense for your child care center in our guide here.

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