Recap: Child Care Success Summit 2015


The SmartCare team had a great time last week at the Child Care Success Summit in Orlando, Florida. Not only did we learn from the conference speakers, but we also learned a lot from conference attendees. We met with hundreds of child care professionals from around the country and learned what pain points they are faced with on a daily basis with their current child care management software. 

Many Child Care Success Summit attendees told our team about the issues they have with Procare, School Leader, EZ-CARE and Daycare Works. They even talked about how each of these systems does not integrate with their current daily reports  software such as Tadpoles and Life Cubby. They were so excited to see a solution that incorporated child care management software and daily reports software all in one. This is something the child care industry has been wanting for many years and now SmartCare is here to alleviate the pain.   

Another complaint we heard a lot about current child care management software on the market is the lack of software available on Apple products. Many child care management software options are only available for installation on a desktop PC computer and cannot be accessed remotely. One attendee even shared a story that took place during the conference:

As an owner, she was attending the conference to learn how to better market and grow her child care center and she left her staff to manage the day-to-day tasks. The licensing office came in and needed files but the owner was the only one who could access them. She did not have the ability to remotely access her data so licensing had to leave and reschedule her appointment for another day when the owner was available. The licensing visit came to a halt due to the lack of technology in the child care center. This attendee said that if she had SmartCare in her center, this problem would never have come up.

The stories we heard from attendees were inspiring and taught our team even more about the child care industry. SmartCare also announced its official launch during the conference as well as its pricing. To learn more about how SmartCare can meet your needs, please email