Portraying Values in Child Care


How frequently do you sit back and think about your values and how you portray them in your child care center? After reading the blog post, What Kind Of Values Do You Model At Your Child Care?, by Kris Murray, that question and many more come to mind. No child care center owner or director likes to think that they are not living their values on a daily basis, but the real focus is on how your child care center staff perceive them. What values do you want your team to see you portray?

Many child care center owners and directors that we have met with over the last few months have talked about how important teamwork is and wanting to make their staff feel valuable. It’s one thing to say these things on a routine basis but it is even more important to show this with your actions. Some centers use incentives while others find their staff prefers a sincere thank you for their work. To learn more about keeping great employees, read our blog post here.

In her post, Murray posed the question, “I would say the biggest misconception to your values is where enrollment is concerned. Do your teachers understand how a full school fits into your values?” She focused on the difference between talking about enrollment and making money versus focusing on the child and the education they will receive. No matter what your “why” is, make sure that you are focusing not only your conversations, but your actions on your values. Ensure that each employee in your child care center knows your “why”.

At SmartCare, we understand that you want to focus on your values and not spend as much time doing tedious work to keep your child care center running. We want to save child care center owners and directors as much time throughout the day as possible. Our child care management software is the solution you have been waiting for. Learn more in a free demo today.