How to Choose Child Care Management Software


There is no shortage of options when it comes to child care management software. At SmartCare, we know that you have many choices when selecting software that is right for your child care center and it can seem overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to finding the right child care management software for your child care center.

  1. Find software that meets your needs. What is your goal in choosing new software? Are you looking for something that will handle billing and payments or something that strictly does journaling? Do you want software in addition to your current system or are you looking for a one-stop-shop that has everything included? Knowing how robust the system is that you are researching can be crucial in your decision-making process.
  2. Find software that allows you flexibility. Do you find that as a child care center owner or director you receive emails and text messages at home or on the weekends? Do you work for a child care center with multiple locations that you need to manage remotely? Choosing a child care management software that allows you to access files and information remotely is important in today’s world. It’s important to decide whether you prefer software installed on your desktop computer or a cloud-based system accessible from anywhere in the world.
  3. Find software you can afford. Many child care management software companies, such as Procare and EZ-CARE, charge a lot of money up front in addition to charging for ongoing support and transaction fees. The fees and upfront charges can really add up so it’s important to make sure you know about all fees before making a selection. SmartCare offers a solution for child care centers that is free, including support and hardware. Learn more in a demo today.
  4. Find software the does the work for you. Have you been looking for new software but find that transferring all your data is a daunting task? Many companies require that child care centers re-enter all their data before being able to fully use the new program. Research whether your new software company will import your data or require you to do the work.
  5. Setup and support. Is initial setup and ongoing support important to you when choosing new child care management software? Are you looking for in-person setup or would you rather install software from a box? Do you want unlimited free support or are a few hours a year all you will need? These questions are important to answer before making a software decision. Knowing what you want from a software company is key in choosing the right software.