How to Maximize Your Child Care Center’s Enrollment


Recently, Kris Murray, the child care marketing expert, posted a blog post entitled, 3 Things Every Child Care Center Owner Should Be Doing (but most aren’t), and focused on three ways that every child care center can maximize enrollment. The three ways Murray mentioned were tracking, communicating differences, and using testimonials and reviews. As we have visited many child care centers around the country over the past year, we have seen that many child care centers don’t accurately track leads. Families will call into the center and ask questions but many centers are forgetting simple things like asking for contact information from the caller so they can call back when an opening becomes available. It is as easy as asking callers for a phone number or email address to follow up when more slots become available. There are many systems out there to help with this, but remembering to follow up with leads is equally as important as tracking them. Just writing down the information is not enough. Be sure to always follow up within a reasonable amount of time. Each center’s call back time will be different depending on your location and availability.

Another issue Murray touched on was communicating your differences. What makes your center stand out amongst other child care centers in your area? Perhaps you want to be the first center in your neighborhood to offer mobile check in and mobile payments. Are families in your region looking for a technologically advanced center? SmartCare can help with each of these and help you stand apart from the rest. Click here for a demo today.

The third topic to help your (and every) child care center succeed is the use of testimonials and reviews. Reviews are a great way for families to learn about your child care center and read experiences other families have had in a short amount of time. Follow up with negative reviews and ensure potential leads that your center is always working hard to make sure families are satisfied. Read more about following up on reviews and social media marketing tips in our blog post here.

One last tip that was not mentioned in the article is one that seems simple yet is often overlooked: your website. Make sure that potential leads can learn about your child care center online. Post information about enrollment, learning opportunities for children and contact information and hours of business. Having a great website is the first step in bringing in leads. For more information about creating a great child care center website, click here.