Back To School: Why Child Care Matters


August means one thing for educators across the country: back to school.  The relaxing days of summer have come to and end and teachers and child care center staff are preparing classrooms and getting ready to tackle the upcoming school year. While much of the buzz is for k-12 classrooms, starting a new year in child care is no different. While many child care centers are year-round, there are many centers across the country getting ready to start a new year during the next few weeks. 

There are many reasons a family may be starting in a new child care center this fall. Perhaps your family moved over the summer or your children are preparing to start first grade but still need after school care. Whatever the reason, there are many things to look for when choosing the right child care center for your family. Parents Magazine has some tips available here.

Many times children can become anxious about starting a new year whether they are in a new school, new classroom or just spending their days with a new teacher. has 11 tips for a great first day of school here.  Another great resource is our blog post about preparing your child for upcoming changes to their routine here.

Many families spend a lot of time focusing on children heading to elementary school for the first time but don’t realize that the school day does not align with the average workday. It is important for families to plan ahead for child care needed either before or after school, many times referred to as wrap-around care. This care can also be essential when transporting older siblings to activities such as soccer or gymnastics.

There are many reasons families are looking for new child care centers during this time of year so it is important for child care centers to have accurate information ready when it comes to availability and access to drop-in care. If your child care center is looking to switch to a real-time software system, learn more about SmartCare today.