Encouraging Child Care Staff Professionalism

While meeting with child care center directors over the past year, one complaint we heard routinely is that their staff is not as professional as they would like them to be. This has come up in a variety of ways, whether it is poor work ethic, acting out and yelling at other teachers or parents in front of children, or just not knowing how to conduct themselves when representing the child care center.

 In Kris Murray’s latest blog post, Want Your Child Care Staff To Start Acting More Professional?, Murray focuses on three easy ways to make child care center staff act and feel more professional. She suggests creating staff email addresses for every individual working at the center, making business cards for staff members to share when meeting potential clients, and drafting a professional development plan to help teachers grow while working at your child care center.

Another way to encourage employees act more professionally is by creating a sense of camaraderie and making them feel like they are part of a team. A few child care centers that we visited over the past few months did this by encouraging employees to wear center-branded shirts. Making employees feel like they are in this together, rather than alone, helps them feel more confident in the workplace. With this confidence and pride, child care center staff are more likely to represent your child care center in a positive light when out in public as well as encourage parents to come in and tour the center.

Forbes published an article called 10 Ways to Inspire Your Team, and one of the ways mentioned is "Innovation, Not Just Ideation." Letting staff in your child care center participate in activities outside their job description will not only inspire them, it will empower them. A great example of this was seen at a child care center we visited while they were building a new location. They included teachers in every step of the process including designing the room layout, choosing paint colors for the rooms, and even asking for their input on carpet squares. When staff feel like they play a larger role, they will tend to act more professionally.

Another way to inspire your team is to give them the right tools. One of the ways child care center staff are held back today is the lack of technology in the field. SmartCare understands that many teachers want to use more technology in the classroom, and throughout the day, which is why we have created a product with each type of staff member in mind. We have apps created specifically for child care center owners and directors, and well as a different app created just for teachers. To learn more about SmartCare, click here.