Increase Enrollment by Working with Realtors

Kris Murray, Child Care Marketing Expert, recently posted on LinkedIn sharing a new way for child care centers to increase enrollment: reaching out to families as they are moving. There are two ways child care centers can help families during the moving process: They can offer drop-in care while families are looking for a new place to live or they can reach out to them as soon as a family moves into a new location. Child care centers can let families know when they have openings and offer to give them a tour of the center. 

According to, the top 5 most stressful events that a person experiences are 1) the death of a loved one, 2) divorce, 3) moving, 4) major illness, and 5) job loss.  Why not help ease the stress of a family moving into the neighborhood by reaching out and letting them know what services you can provide?

If your child care center does not offer drop-in care, but would like to increase enrollment with new families moving into the area, Murray suggests reaching out to local realtors and establishing relationships. These realtors will be able to put you in touch with new families and may also refer families to you even if they are not purchasing a new home and are just looking around in the neighborhood. Establishing credibility with realtors in the area can only help your child care center grow and potentially bring in more revenue. and Zillow recently teamed up on a study related to moving and child care and found that arranging child care in advance is critical to the success of a family’s moving day. Knowing that children are being cared for eases the minds of parents and lets them focus on the bigger task at hand: moving all of the boxes. To see the full results of this study and read the blog post, click here.