My Procare Story, and Why I Choose SmartCare Instead


Back in late 2014, after being in the child care world for six years as an owner/director, I attended a three day intensive child care business development conference. Taking time off from running my center, I turned the day-to-day responsibilities over to my very capable assistant director (who had never heard of Procare prior to working with me). I, being the one in charge of the accounts receivable, worked diligently to get all accounts current prior to leaving for the conference. During day one of the conference, I received a call from my assistant director asking for clarification on a couple accounts. So, there I am walking her through Procare and how to answer a billing question regarding a new client, while I was supposed to be attending the conference. With the endless navigating of Procare, and both of us getting confused and frustrated, we worked to answer the question. After thirty minutes of back and forth, we were able to give the new client answers, as well as my assistant director receiving a small tutorial in the process. A few minutes after this phone call, I started receiving the automated email notifications Procare sends after billing is processed. In reading theses emails, I learned she not only charged this particular client, but she also charged all our clients double for that current week. Being more frustrated at Procare than ever before, and not being able to accesses anything from the hotel, I was forced to step out of the conference and make call after call to fix the accidental billing and ensure all charges were refunded. I spent two hours on multiple phone calls to Procare, getting the run-around, transferred and hung up on, to finally resolve the issue. Angry and frustrated with the lack of assistance or consideration from Procare, I returned to the conference.

One hour later, the conference broke for lunch. During lunch, a keynote speaker was scheduled to talk about a new child care management software. Due to my earlier experience, I was eager to hear about this new program and how it could eliminate the issues I was facing with my current system. After ten minutes or so I was sold on SmartCare. I could not only see how this eliminated my frustrations I was facing with Procare, but I also saw how it could elevate my center above any of my local competing child care centers.

As I continued to listen to the speakers talk about the functions of SmartCare, its cloud-based system allowing access from anywhere there was an internet connection, and how as an owner I could see my entire child care center stats at a mere glance, I knew I was going to do whatever it took to get SmartCare into my child care program.

Over the past eight months, I have been nothing but impressed with the professionalism, determination, and genius of SmartCare. The system is user-friendly and caters to all (i.e. parents, providers, and administrators). SmartCare literally is second to none, they diligently work with child care programs to ensure they not only have the best child care management system available, but that the system can be catered to exactly what each child care program needs to operate as smoothly as possible. Aside from all the mentioned features, the number one reason I choose SmartCare is their tuition processing system. When I learned about the convenience of processing payments and the fact that SmartCare utilizes one of the nation’s largest school payment processing companies, I knew there was no better child care management system I could use for my program. In conclusion, I am eager to build my business utilizing SmartCare.

- Center Owner in Utah