Child Care Marketing and Enrollment Tools

We have visited child care centers across the country for the last six months learning from child care center owners and directors on a daily basis. The child care center staff that we met with uses software ranging from Procare to EZ-Care and many still use pen and paper methods. Some of the most common questions we have heard about SmartCare's child care management software are “How do you track enrollment?” and “How can we increase enrollment?” Kris Murray, child care marketing expert, offers some great enrollment tips on her website here. She says, “The telephone is the number one enrollment building tool in our industry…if you want to grow your enrollment and stay full you need to find a way to have a real, live person answer your phone.”

Tracking new enrollment with SmartCare is easy. After a family fills out an application online, their information can be automatically transferred into SmartCare—no filling out forms or additional data entry. SmartCare has found a way to save child care center directors time, especially when it comes to tracking enrollment.

Increasing enrollment is a request we have heard at almost every child care center our reps have visited. One of the many ways SmartCare can help child care centers increase enrollment is through our scheduling feature. With this tool, child care center directors can accurately track schedules and see when room openings will become available. This way, when a parent calls the center asking about openings, the director will be able to immediately tell the parent when they can enroll rather than having to guess or leave spaces going unused. This tool helps child care centers maximize each room on each day.

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