What I Have Learned in Child Care Centers This Year


It’s already June and I’ve flown over 20,000 miles in the past three months introducing child care centers to SmartCare. Where has the time gone? I guess it’s true what they say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” The level of passion and willingness to participate in Beta testing from child care centers across the country has been amazing! The road to the launch of SmartCare hasn’t been easy but with each challenge behind us, we are one step closer to creating the best child care management software on the market!

We recently altered the course of our SmartCare Beta testing experience and have seen nothing but great results. As we continue our journey to provide child care centers with the best management software, we have learned a majority of the current solutions miss the mark on creating an easy and successful sign-in and sign-out process for parents. I’ve heard countless complaints about Procare kiosks and fingerprint scanners failing at the door, EZ-Care being unable to track pick-up people, and the the lack of reliability with pen and paper sign-in and sign-out sheets. My first thought was that this should be easy to fix…we’ve got this! I knew the issues my Beta centers were currently facing and wrongly assumed that the other reps had heard similar issues with their centers. I was quickly reminded that each center is different and this is a much larger issue than expected.

The sign-in and sign-out process has since begun a very important discussion within SmartCare and our Beta testers: What exactly are the state laws governing sign-in and sign-out? What do child care center owners prefer? What do parents prefer? How fast should the sign-in process take? As we continue on this quest for the perfect sign-in and sign-out process, we look forward to hearing each and every response from our Beta testers. If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about SmartCare, please email us at hello@smart.care.

--Portia Brown, SmartCare Team Member