Parent Interviews About the Child Care Sign-In Process


A couple of weeks ago, we posted a blog post, Surveying Parents in Your Child Care Center, that focused on learning from parents that child care center directors work with on a daily basis and how to improve the overall satisfaction by doing so. We decided to take our own advice and three of us from the SmartCare team (including one former Child Care Director) flew out to North Carolina to conduct parent interviews of our own. We were able to schedule interviews with over half of the parents at one of our beta centers. Each parent sat down with a member of our team for about 30 minutes to discuss their current routines and how technology may play a role in saving them time in the future.

We talked about different methods of sign-in and sign-out that child care centers are using (from sign-in sheets and fingerprint readers for child care centers) and how important it is for centers to track parent sign-in and out whether or not they currently have a child care software program in place. It was amazing how helpful the parents were in wanting to help us design the best child care software system possible. Surveying parents could not have been a better option for us as we near the completion of our beta testing process.

When interviews concluded on Friday, we sat down as a team to talk about what we learned-- and the results were fascinating. Some of the results confirmed our assumptions while others proved us wrong. No parents seemed to like paper or traditional child care software company’s approaches to sign-in and sign-out. SmartCare’s solution won the hearts and minds of all, but these interviews helped us make some quick adjustments to our plans.

Learning from parents attending child care centers was an experience we could not top. There is no one who understands what they want from their child care more than parents so talking with them and learning from them was an invaluable experience.

We look forward scheduling more parent interviews with our beta centers across the country over the next couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what trends we discover and whether or not we are on the right track to help child care centers increase technology and save everyone time while staying connected throughout the day.