What I've Learned as a Child Care Center Director


Having been an Executive Director and Director for over eight years, there are a few things I have learned about building a successful center. A Center Director needs to be able to build relationships. She needs to be able to sell the center. The Center Director needs to be able run a P&L, budgets, and accounting. She needs to be an HR specialist and handle staffing and payroll. Most of all, the Center Director needs to be able to multi-task. That being said a very important attribute in a Center Director is the ability to build relationships, whether that is with the families or the staff. I create a family environment wherever I am. I want to enjoy my days and the people I am with and I assume they do too. 

The second truth I have learned is that integrity is everything. I can’t expect people to want to leave their children with someone they can’t trust, so I set about establishing integrity from the first greeting. I always do what I say I am going to whenever possible, and if that is impossible I make sure I let that family member know I have tried and this is the reason I am unable to do it.

The third attribute a Director must have is the ability to multi-task. Being a Center Director is a juggling act. Between accounting, HR, and tours, the ability to multi-task is paramount. This means greeting families with a smile and a good morning, while processing tuition, running labor reports, scheduling interviews, staffing rooms and juggling the ratios as the kiddos come in, all with overtime in consideration. This becomes particularly difficult when I have a teacher scheduled off and another calls in sick. Then running two successful childcare centers is quite a challenge!

I spend my days running between two fairly large centers. While managing all of this, it is not uncommon to get an emergency call from the other center I am not currently at and I have to pick up and run over there.  After putting out that “fire,” I am now at a different locale than I started my day at, this should not be an issue except for the fact that my current software does not have remote access. This means I cannot access data from a center I am not currently at, so whatever I was working on that morning is now on the back burner, and I have to start a new task at the new location. Not to worry, always plenty of tasks on that ever growing list.

I never realized it could be easier until I discovered SmartCare! How clever! A mobile-friendly and web-friendly platform I can access from anywhere! I could manage from my home if I really wanted to. The ability to see real time accounting of either center regardless of where I am at is priceless. I can see where my ratios are at at either location while still managing labor. Simply amazing! I can access accounts and send reminders from my iPad. It couldn’t be simpler. This software will help me prioritize and multi-task. It has helped me to become a much more efficient Director. This company has really seen my dilemma and has set out to make my job better and more efficient. Thank you SmartCare!