Surveying Parents in Your Child Care Center


How often do you survey parents in your child care center? Do you know how satisfied they are? Are they sharing their experiences with friends and family? One of the tips we suggested in our 5 Ways to Increase Social Media Marketing for Child Care was to respond to Yelp reviews, but the first step is ensuring that parents at your child care center are happy before they even write reviews.

The best way to find out if parents in your child care center are satisfied is to ask them. There are a variety of ways to survey parents and a greater amount of questions available to ask these parents. Do they like the way you manage sign-in and sign-out? Have they had a bad experience with their teacher this week? Whatever the question may be, there are many ways to ask parents for feedback. 

In the past, a common way to survey parents was pen and paper. Asking parents to fill out a paper survey when they arrive, or take home the survey and return it when they are next in the center. More recently, Surveymonkey has been used by many child care centers to collect data and feedback from parents. SmartCare is now offering a new way to obtain feedback: a simple question regarding parent satisfaction can be asked at the end of each week at the SmartCare kiosk. Perhaps, as a child care center owner or director, you want to know how satisfied parents are in with the classroom their child is in. Now, with the ease of SmartCare’s technology in your center, you can quickly and easily poll parents on a routine basis.  

A great resource about parent surveys is Kris Murray’s LinkedIn page. She has a video and helpful tips on creating parent surveys available here. Her video focuses on why and how to create parent surveys and suggests different ways to collect data.

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