ELEA Early Childhood Boot Camp

SmartCare recently presented at the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association (ELEA) Early Childhood Director boot camp in Chicago, Illinois. This is the third event that SmartCare has worked with ELEA, including the debut at the ALDE Conference in March. Our team spoke with some of the child care center directors at the event and below were their reactions to SmartCare: “I am really excited about this software because it connects everyone together – administration, teachers, and parents.  I think that communications overall will improve - parents will feel more secure, and more satisfied with our program; and in the office, I feel we will have more up to date information at our fingertips, and thus be more in control of the whole program.  Can’t wait to give it a try! ” -- Shirley B, First Lutheran Early Education Center, Torrance, CA

“I am the director of Memorial Lutheran Chapel School, a smaller preschool in Saint Augustine, Florida.  I'm so excited - I think I finally have an assistant director: SMARTCARE! For 22 years, I have done all the administrative jobs at our school myself, and it takes time away from what I really need to be doing - growing our school! Now I will have more time for staff and curriculum development, grant writing, tours/marketing, and spending time with our children and their families. Finally, I will be able to have all the enrollment information, accounting, billing, reporting, and ratio numbers in real-time - and I don't have to BUY ANYTHING! It's all FREE to our school. I am so grateful to SmartCare and ELEA Schools & Learning Centers for this wonderful product that, I believe, will transform our ministry.” --Linda B, Memorial Lutheran Chapel School, St. Augustine, FL

“Boot Camp continues to be a powerful experience for me. Not only does it give me the opportunity to form relationships with other Lutheran directors from all over the nation, it allows me to learn new strategies and tools to strengthen my practice. As a mentor, I hope that I provide the necessary support for my boot campers, but I know that I end up benefiting just as much. Boot Camp Chicago was very well organized.  I found the information regarding SmartCare interesting and plan to follow up with the representatives as I feel it is an opportunity to provide a more organized and systematic approach to many facets of day-to-day management of my program.”  --Heidi L, Seeds of Faith Early Learning Center, Clive, IA

For more information about SmartCare and to see a demo of our software, please email us at hello@smart.care.