Diverse Backgrounds: One Goal


One of the things I have learned while traveling to child care centers is how diverse the backgrounds of child care center directors are across the country. While meeting with these child care center directors to talk to them about SmartCare child care management software I have learned a great deal about each of them. I have been so impressed with each of the directors I have met and how they all got into the child care business. Each of them has a unique story and a different reason for wanting to run a child care center. Whether it is because they grew up in the industry or because they had children of their own and were not satisfied with child care options in their area, they all have one thing in common: wanting to provide the best child care to families on a daily basis. They all are concerned with security, safety, and most of all, improving the lives of children by offering them educational and developmentally appropriate activities.

The child care center directors that I have met with over the last few weeks have all started in different places. One director used to be a nurse, one used to be a day trader on Wall Street, and another even managed business development for Six Flags. It was eye opening to me how each of these directors can have such a different background yet now wants to offer their community the same thing: quality child care.

After meeting with these directors, one thing really stood out to me: SmartCare child care management software can help each of these child care centers and their directors take away the tedious parts of the job and help them really focus on their end goal. SmartCare can help ease the sign-in and sign-out process, and it can take so much of what they are already doing and bring it into the 21st century by providing modern technology for their child care centers.

--Sara Miller, SmartCare Team Member