Life On The Road: You Want Me To Go Where?!?!


Buckle your seat belts and put your tray tables and seat backs in their full upright and locked positions. This is going to be a long ride. Life on the road has been interesting to say the least! I’ve pretty much been a homebody all of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel; there’s just always been something else to do. Working for SmartCare on its child care management software, I’ve already been to parts of the country that I never would have dreamed of going and I’ve been to some places I’ve always wanted to see. My last trip had me flying from Medford, OR to Boston, MA to Pittsburg, PA and then Detroit, MI. Just as I was getting off the plane in Detroit, I got a text message asking me if I could go to Salt Lake City for a meeting at our offices there. I got some help from some awesome ticket agents at the Delta counter and was on my way. Little did I know how much that meeting was going to change my definition of a "road trip."

The meeting was to meet and collaborate with two new team members. After that meeting, I talked with our VP of Product Management. He wants me to start working with a group of the technology development team. However, before working with them, he wants me to meet them and he wants me to meet them in Romania! Like I said, I’m a homebody which means I don’t have a passport. No big deal, I’ll just go get one. And that’s when the bomb drops: I’m leaving in 2 weeks. Lucky for me, you can get a passport in as little as 5 days. Unlucky for me, I have to spend a full day to go to Seattle and apply for it in person. I left for Romania on March 21, 2015 and my passport arrived on March 19, 2015. Cutting it a little close!

I’ve worked for lots of places that give lip service to wanting their people trained (Procare included). I can say that this is not the case with SmartCare. I’ve now flown halfway around the globe to learn about our developers and their processes. While in Romania, I met our wonderful team of developers there and learned what is really going on when we say that childcare is now connected. I was amazed at how well the team works together and how well they communicate with the rest of our team eight time zones away.

It’s amazing how fast a week can go by. Before I knew it, I was headed back home. The 28.5 hours to get home (that felt longer than the week in Romania) gave me plenty of time to reflect on how lucky I am to be a part of a company that is truly trying to help the childcare industry reach it’s full potential. I hope that you will join us on this journey.

--Jason Wittler, SmartCare Team Member